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Guiding the Goat Industry Into the Future

Our Mission

The Saskatchewan Goat Breeder Association (SGBA) promotes the development of all segments of the goat industry; a) dairy, b) Meat, c) Fiber, d) Pet, by encouraging sound public policy, enhancing production and marketing of goat products and promoting research beneficial to all producers within the goat sector of agriculture.

Image by Jakob Rosen
Mother and Daughter in Farm

Our Vision

We will embrace and foster a culture that challenges the status-quo and focus our energies on issues that are truly important and meaningful to the industry.  We believe in collaboration to share in the exchange of experience and ingenuity in order to make significant industry contributions.  We will be innovative in our ventures and willingly share our successes so that positive results become embedded in the goat industry as best practice standards.  We will continually strive to be recognized as a credible resource by our membership, stakeholders and the public based on ethical values and mutual respect.

President's Message

Coming soon

Image by Skylar Jean

Board of Directors

Myles Taylor


Taylor Gareau

Show Committee

Ebony Lysyshyn


Joanne Greenwood


Elizabeth Shirley

Secretary / Education Coordinator / Prairie Goats Newsletter

Sara Reiss 


Jackie Wright


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Image by Frantzou Fleurine


Some of the items include:

  • Additional production sales opportunities

  • Webinars, seminars, and hands-on producer educational opportunities

  • Group marketing studies

  • New producer support services

  • Public education and awareness

  • Goat Shows 


As always, any new venture takes work and time; our current board of directors is all volunteer producers giving their spare moments to grow this industry for all. In order to be successful with these new endeavors, we are looking for members to work with us. If you are able to share some of your time to volunteer to become a board member, or even volunteer to support a specific project, please contact one of the directors directly, or through the website. We would love to hear from you!!!

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